Kickstarter crowdfunding is not easy, but worth it!

$260,965 RAISED for The Flare - World's Warmest Shirt

At a first glance it may look like we just put a great product on Kickstarter and waited for 60 days, but nobody knows the secret behind the scenes.


The truth behind the heated shirt campaign is not clearly visible. These campaigns are hard work and require upfront resources to succeed. To start off we developed the shirt, which of course took a lot of time, iteration cycles, and seed capital. That was just the beginning. 

Once we started looking at competitor campaigns for heated clothing and outdoor gear it became obvious that there was more to it than simply posting your product for the world to see. It was a little daunting looking at what needed to be done. For example, how to choose a supplier with exceptional quality, how to get the project in front of the right people's eyes, how to trend high, and how to handle fulfillment. The list goes on and on. It proved to be much more involved than one would think. 

These considerations and many more are the reason why some campaigns seem to go crazy with pledges and others fizzle, with the product at times appearing to have not much to do with the success. The sweet spot is when there is a great product and a great campaign.  

Blanc is a newcomer to the crowdfunding game, but with one successful project underway, we have been able to draw from a lot of other experts in the field. One such is Chris Livingston, my own brother! He is the co-founder of Gravel, the new brand with the recently launched toiletry bags that are the bomb. Chris brought his skills to the table after we finally convinced him to join. He brought the project to the next level by helping set up a successful campaign that we can both be proud of. Thanks to Chris and his business partner Lance!

The biggest lesson learned for launching a brand through crowdfunding is to consult with the experts on what they do best. It's OK if you don't have a clue on some or any of the aspects of launching a brand. What is important is that there is a drive to make it happen and that you use your network to bring it to life!

-Greg Livingston, Founder


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