Heated Shirt vs. Heated Jacket


Electrically heated jackets and base layers keep your body warm by using a heating pad and battery pack bundle. But which is the better investment, the jacket or the base layer? Here are Four tips to consider when buying heated outerwear.


A heated shirt can apply warmth directly to your body. Electrically heated jackets have a large volume of insulation to heat before heating your body.

Efficiency is important when considering how fast your article of clothing will warm up, and how long your battery will last. The more heat that is applied to your body, the warmer you will be and the longer the battery can last.


How long will you be wearing your jacket? This is the most important question to ask. After all, if you have a heated shirt, you can top it with a heavy sweater or a jacket that can be removed as needed.

Heated shirts are designed for maximum warmth and minimum bulk. They keep you from feeling restricted or weighed down.

Travel Size

Winter wear for travel is about being functional, lightweight, and comfortable. In travel, you have a limited amount of luggage space with the strict weight allowance of airlines, so it’s important to save weight and packing space wherever you can. Outerwear should be packable to fit in a carry-on bag. Most heated jackets are larger than most jackets due to the space required for heating technology. 

Blanc now offers a shirt that can be packed, allowing for easy portability and storage when not being worn. 


Unless you’re a robot or the tin man from the Wizard of Oz, your body needs to move a lot. In any given day, your body moves in a variety of different ways from stretching before a run or a bike ride, reaching down to tie shoes, or putting on your seat belt in the car and even packing your groceries at the local market.

In varying weather conditions, a lightweight layer is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that can make or break your outing. Stretch cuffs with hidden thumbholes can help keep your hands warm without the need for gloves.


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