Electric Heated Shirt for Fishing, Hiking, and Snow

heated fishing shirt


It feels like winter will never end! Even though it’s spring, don’t let the snow and the cold stop you from enjoying the things you like to do. Being stuck inside all day gets boring really fast on the weekends. Here are some ways you can use your electric heated shirt while doing the things you love no matter what the weather is like.

Staying Warm While Fishing

Trout bite the most during feeding time and when mosquitoes are most active. The best fishing times of the day are early morning and late evening. At those times the sun is just coming up or getting ready to go down. Without the warmth gained from the sun, using a heated shirt to keep you warm is much better than wearing a coat under your waders because of the better range of motion while casting.  

Staying Warm While Hiking and Backpacking

Being ultra-light while traveling is key to long distance hikers and backpackers. It is crucial to pack only the necessities. Bringing along your heated shirt is a huge bonus because it weighs only 16 oz. This allows you to free up extra room in your bag and not bring so many layers to keep warm. A good heated long sleeve shirt helps keep your core warm and doesn’t add bulk through the shoulders where you need flexibility to move while carrying your pack.

Snow and Cold Weather Preparedness

You may think that there are major disadvantages to running and hiking in the winter. This statement could be true if you are not prepared. A person's core body temperature hovers around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. You need to wear clothes that keep your core around the optimal temperature to prevent the risk of hypothermia. There are two options, one is to wear many layers of clothing that can be expensive and bulky. The other option is to wear one base layer shirt that will keep you warm with far less cost compared to multiple name brand sweaters that rely on simply trapping your body heat.

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