7 Tips for Keeping Warm on a Winter Sports Day

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Check humidity before going out.

We often check the temperature to adequately prepare ourselves, but humidity can play a huge role in how the weather feels outside. Being outside in high humidity can make it feel almost 20℉ lower than the exact same temperature in low humidity. Be sure to consider the temperature as well as humidity before stepping outside into the cold.


Layer lightly.

When beginning your day, dress with fewer layers so you don’t overheat. Something light like Blanc ’s electric warming shirt is a good first or second layer. It is light enough that you won’t be too bulky and will keep you sufficiently warm. Once you’re getting colder you can add more layers or turn on the heating feature of the Blanc electric warming shirt.


Protect your eyes.

Choosing the correct eyewear can be difficult. While polarized lenses may look more appealing, they make it difficult to see subtle changes within the snow and you can catch a glare on patches of ice. Using a pink, yellow, or clear lens will help make sure you don’t fall when taking a winter jog.  


Stay away from bulky clothing.

Bulk in winter clothing can cut off circulation by creating pressure points. An electric warming shirt from Blanc can really help keep the big puffy coats off. Moisture-wicking wool socks are also recommended over wearing two pairs of socks. By wearing only one pair of socks, blisters are preventable and your feet will stay warm by maintaining circulation.


Keep your head warm.

Heat escapes your body through your head. Your head has a larger surface area and more exposure for heat to release from. Keep it warm with a wool hat to keep your natural body heat insulated. Wool is a good fabric for wet winter days because it will retain still retain heat even when it is wet. You can purchase one here to keep your noggin warm. https://blancstore.co/products/wool-blend-beanie


Stay on your Feet

You’ll immediately feel the coolness of a bench outside on your legs, but why? When warm solid things touch cold solid things, it transfers heat through a process called conduction. To maintain your warmth it is best to stay away from touching cold objects.


Stay hydrated.

Staying hydrated will help avoid hypothermia. It is important to drink plenty of fluids before leaving the safety and warmth of your shelter. Be sure to stay hydrated while doing your outdoor activities as well. Warm drinks area great way to help maintain your body heat when you are outdoors.

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